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[1] Pepi Ginsberg

Creative polymath Pepi Ginsberg is a filmmaker, photographer, writer and musician living in Brooklyn, New York. She holds an MFA from NYU film and a BA in writing from the University of Pennsylvania. Her narrative work can be characterised by its intimate, sensitive portrayal of its subjects. 

Last year Pepi’s short ‘The Pass’ was selected as part of Cannes Film Festival as well as TIFF, Hamptons International and BFI London Film Festival. Pepi has also created music videos for the likes of alt-pop queen Ela Minus and music icon John Cale as well as films for luxury brands such as Gucci. 

Her photography book ‘New Age Real Change’ can be defined as a collection of incidents of action, the moment attention is caught, a knee-jerk reaction to the beautiful or grotesque. It is also a book about the music that soundtracks these moments, the intersection of noise and image and their unfaltering influence over each other’s most potent meanings.

[2] Selected Work

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